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Managing O:Lines

Home Servers

Every IRC operator must have a "home server", and the admin of that server is responsible for the behaviour of the IRC operator no matter which KDFSnet server (s)he connects to.

Number of IRC Operators

Each server may have O-lines for up to three distinct members of staff. This includes the admin and co-admin (if present), it does not include O-lines for proxy scanners or other programs that are approved by the command board for operation of the server or network. This figure will be increased as the network grows, and will be increased across the board.

Global Operators

The Admin Team must be informed by email to staff(at)kdfs.net at least 48 hours prior to a local IRC operator being upgraded to global IRC operator. During this time, any objections will be made clear by members of the Admin Team and the promotion may be blocked by admin vote. When informing the Admin Team of planned oper promotions, it is preferable to do so before discussing the matter with the oper concerned.

The only way to become a global IRC operator is to serve for at least 30 days as a local IRC operator. Exceptions to this policy may be made at the discretion of the Admin Team, for example in the case of an existing or former global operator moving to a new server. An admin is under no obligation to upgrade a local IRC Operator to global in 30 days; that is completely up to the admin concerned.

Local Operators

Admins may appoint local IRC operators with a view to training them until they are eventually suitable candidates for global O:lines. A user must have had a registered nickname for 30 days to be eligible for local IRC Operator status.

The Admin Team must be informed by email to staff(at)kdfs.net at least 48 hours prior to the addition of a local IRC operator so that any possible objections can be made clear. When informing the Admin Team of planned local oper additions, it is preferable to do so before discussing the matter with the user concerned.

Removal of Operators

Admins may remove members of their staff at any time for any reason. They are required to notify the Admin Team of the removal but are not required to state reasoning.

Not all network staff have O-lines. Having IRC Operator status is not required before you can help in the various teams. Likewise, losing an O-line does not prevent you from continuing to serve in a team. Team composition is the business of the team leader.

Admins may be required to remove or restrict one of their staff member's o-lines due to vote of Admin Team or order of the CB. Failure to promptly (24hrs) do so may lead to action against the admin concerned.

Backup operators

Each server may have as many backup O-lines as necessary. It is up to the admin of the server who they add backup O-lines for. It is suggested that admins are generous in giving out backup O-lines so that their server may be fixed ASAP should none of their regular staff be present. Backup O-lines for existing global operators may be added, removed or updated as the server's admin sees fit without consulting anyone.


After any change of oper status (e.g. adding an oper, moving an oper to another server, promotion from local to global, etc.) a news item should be created which will send notification to the web site and public mailing list.